The Gods and Goddesses of American culture enthrall us through their mystery. Once they come upon us and speak of the mundane, then they lose that mystery, and are no longer Gods and Goddesses.

The roofer who repairs my roof is valued for this skill. However, if he stands upon my roof and shouts his personal beliefs, then I would lose respect for his skill, and not appreciate him using my roof as a personal platform for expression.

Mystery is a shimmering magical spell. It inspires and grasp lovers in its embrace. It places the beautiful, talented, and the inspiring, high in the sky, beyond our human embrace. When actors, players, presidents or queens approach us with dialog as a neighbor the mystery fades. The spell is broken. Familiarity DOES breed contempt.

Gods, Goddesses and Queens learn on the knee of their creators; “When to keep their mouth shut.” So is the lesson of our times.

James Kirk-Wiggins (c) Sept. 2017




I published a previous article on my website “”; titled “American Militarism: Birth of a Nation. Just to put in context here is part of the article;

Mirror Neurons. When you watch another persons activity or action your brain fires neurons as if you were doing the action. Most are hailing this great new discovery. But how about when a video games has a sword slicing and dicing, or MMA fight beating the blood our of some lady on the floor. Our mirror neurons are firing with each punch, our limbs are stopped short by the brain from actually moving our fist, but it’s playing it out. Thus in Cops reality shows, Violent Sports, Video Games, Violent Movies, and headline news if they reported world news instead of mostly anti-Trump news, our children’s mirror neurons are firing away, our brain imitating all this.

 This is alarming why, besides psychological effects, they have discovered Brain plasticity. This is where the brain is capable of “rewiring” itself for frequent activities, emotions etc.  Then new discoveries in epigenetics have discovered a limited plasticity to DNA. Research now indicates your DNA and neuropathways are altered by experience, PREPARING THE NEXT GENERATION FOR WAR

As many as 97% of US kids age 12-17 play video games…. More than half of the top 50 video games contain violence. Violent video games have been blamed for school shootings, bullying, and violence towards women.  (PROCON.ORG, 06/03/16)

By age 18, a U.S. youth will have seen 16,000 simulated murders and 200,000 acts of violence. American Psychiatric Association –(PARENTAL TELEVISION COUNSIL)

American sports become more violent every year. Wrestling looks brutal, MMA fighting is brutal. Watch a MMA match fight and the below video and enough said.

Main Stream American Sports Video

Much research data, and opinions have come out about the effect of Video games and Violent TV supporting one position or another of the effect on youth. Common sense alone would tell me it’s going to de-synthesize people toward violence, and make it more acceptable mentally.

However some of the latest scientific findings stress, and environment.  This is what needs research and study.

There is increasing evidence that epigenetic mechanisms, such as DNA methylation, are present across species, are modifiable by the environment, and are involved in developmental plasticity. (National Library of Medicine ,National Institutes of Health HHS public access).

(There is much data, more palatable on TED, YouTube, Wikipedia and Google search engine)

Antifa1In conclusion are we building bionic soldiers, capable of more violence each generation. Not only soldiers, but criminals, democrat leftist demonstrators, and Berkley University. Furthermore, have we been doing this increasingly this millennium. Our frog is now dead. We are headed as a nation toward a polar opposite of peace, and increasingly toward greater militarization, violence, and hatred. Will this eventually create the destruction of our nation?

Above Posted: James Kirk-Wiggins © May 2017

The above taken from the original article; explains the possible effects our violence may have on current and future generations. May seems like a long time ago. So much hate, protest, and violence since this article was written. It seems very possible our building up a New Sparta and Bionic Soldiers of the future, intentional or not, may be like so many Sci Fi movies of Bioengineering gone bad.


I mentioned cultural violence, and leftist demonstrations previously. Yet with this explosive surge of violence with the Antifa, Neo-Nazi’s, and  the liberal Fascist Media becoming outrageously aggressive, biased, and igniting hate.

The Liberal Fascist Media has become a propaganda arm of the Antifa, and Liberal Democrat Fascist. Movies, TV shows, sitcoms, and late night TV all are following a radical agenda.

Thus, as the above stated, have we pumped this violence into our culture through violence in TV, Movies, Video Games, Gangsta Music, and increasingly violent sports. Also the prison boot camps of violence, have ever growing population increases due to mandatory three strike sentencing for very minor offenses. Placing young people in prison for small portions of Marijuana, crack, cocaine, ecstasy etc. is a failure in our judicial system. Fueling the violence of gangs, and personal violence.

The influx of illegal aliens during the Obama administration, with gang connections, such as MS 13, and an open door for the flow of drugs, has exacerbated the violence meter to boiling.

In conclusion, we must address not just the criminal elements, the extremist radicals, the hate propaganda media, but also our culture. We must become a kinder, gentler people and spend our leisure time minimizing aggression and stress. We must come to a conclusion as a nation that we are not well. We are not as a culture mentally healthy. We are angry, hateful, and aggressive. We have as a nation a personality disorder. Our culture must curtail violence in TV, Movies, Video Games, Gangsta Music, and violent sports.

We no longer have social controls such as a nuclear family, religion, schools teaching civics, sports teaching good sportsmanship. We must get back to our roots based on Christianity, whether you are Christian or not. They taught us how to treat our neighbors, do unto others and we would have done to us. To love your enemy. To be tolerant and loving. Even Christians have seemed to lost Jesus, and becoming more political, judgemental, and less tolerant.

Who do we want to be?

We must examine our nation, our people, and our culture. Before we consume each other, or become irrelevant through disunity and weakness.

James Kirk-Wiggins (c) September 9, 2017




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The current media monopoly, total liberal bias, one liberal voice, with an anti-Trump agenda, must be STOPPED. Our Media monopolies are a textbook example of the necessity of Anti-Trust law.

We no longer have freedom of the press. Through consolidation since 1996 Five corporations own 90% of the Media. All speak with a liberal and anti-Trump opinion.

There is no possibility a startup conservative media could compete or have a modicum of success in the media marketplace. Differing opinions with new and differing political philosophies is null. This very idea considering the wealth and existing consolidation and monopolization of the Multi-Billion-dollar media corporations is certainly a silly proposition. No one on Shark Tank would invest a penny.

With the possible exception of some Fox News host, there is one liberal biased opinion shared by all the major cable and major internet news sources. Fox News owner, Rupert Murdoch, is a prime media monopolist himself with two Liberal One Voice stars; The Wall Street Journal and NY Post.

Freedom of the press has been denied by legislation, “The Telecommunications Act of 1996.” It was signed by Bill Clinton, and passed congress after much heavy lobbying. This law exempted the media from most Antitrust laws, not clearly expressing this intention, nevertheless, the results were the destruction of dissenting newsprint and media opinion  and destruction of a viable freedom of the press in the USA, as over 50 major media corporations muted into FIVE. The prevention of such a thorough monopolization was the core of Antitrust legislation.

The Liberal Media Monopoly deny bias, and deflect or ignore any voice to the contrary. Of course, they do, it’s their opinions, and any mention of it, floods the airwaves. Even Fox News doesn’t call for the return of media antitrust regulation and repeal of the 1996 telecommunications act. Mr. Murdoch would have their cojones. Media bias has been discussed somewhat on FOX, however the 1996 antitrust exemption for media, has never been adequately, if discussed at all. To recognize an injustice and constitutional violation, yet unbelievably not call for action against the obvious cause, is damn cowardliness by FOX television host, or they don’t want to be fired. Integrity can be a burden from hell if you believe it may destroy all you’ve built. It’s a David and Goliath story, but there is no David.

Not to be outdone is the cowardliness of conservative legislators who certainly are aware, who also may complain quietly of bias, but they most significantly, are fully aware who pays their campaign and committee chairmanship fees. The bias is so obvious, but it definitely is the elephant in the room no one wants to mention the cause and it’s remedy.

The Supreme Court, all members are very intelligent and have eyes and ears. They are the only capable voice that is not monetarily indentured or bound from action. The Supreme Court should take action now to restore Freedom of the Press. It CAN be done legally without any lower court actions. (If not isn’t there a David in America that has the resources to do so.)

It would take a very brave Supreme Court to act with what would result in damnation from all US media, and most politicians whom are not absent. Possibly calls for impeachment would be heard, but America knows what’s going on, and politicians know the way the wind and money blows. But if the Supreme Court will not uphold the Bill of Rights, and Freedom of the Press, then our democracy is at a precipice, and will degrade and infect other pillars of liberty, until the Constitution is neutered, and historical only.

cropped-shouting.pngHEAR ME AMERICA. HEAR ME SUPREME COURT. RESTORE FREEDOM OF THE PRESS, with real dissent, opposing opinions, lively debates and our democracies foundation.


Opinion; by James Kirk-Wiggins

(c) One Free Press August 2017


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