Unlimited Super-Pac contributions are just idiocy for anyone not to believe it affects legislation from start to vote. Congressional leaders are in a Stockholm Syndrome affair with Big Donors, Corporations, Unions, and other special interest.

“The NRA has held Congress hostage for years now. These young people have shown up to spring us free,” (Elizabeth Warren)

The Congress is being held hostage, but not by the NRA.


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Stockholm syndrome is a condition that causes hostages to develop a psychological alliance with their captors as a survival strategy during captivity. (Wikipedia)

Congress members must begin on their first day soliciting contributions for their party. Per rules set by the party leadership. Dues for membership on committee’s, Committee Chairs, and dues for support. Support such as researchers, polls, advisers, and money.

Examine the following chart. This chart is for the Leadership. Select the full-screen mode for better viewing.

This Data is 2013-2014

Nancy Pelosi – Cash On Hand (COH) $438,206 – Her Dues – $800,000 | Dues to Raise for the Democratic Committee (DCCC) – $25,000,000.

The chart shows she’s received or raised her $800,000 dues and raised over her dues for the DCCC with $31,134,250. Good job Nancy! Now you know why they always say she is a good fundraiser. When recently criticized and talk of her being replaced, she ended her statement with “and I’m worth it.” She wasn’t being vain but delivering a message.

A regular member, no committee membership, per on down the chart, their normal personal dues are $125,000 and they must raise $75,000 for the DCCC. Funny thing, it appears there are more committee members and leaders than other. I would say more Chiefs than Indians, but I’m certain that would be either; racist, sexist, mansplaining, or all the above.

The dues are mandatory, members may be called out of meetings to get on the phone. Speaking of the phone; Congress members cannot solicit funds in their offices. (FEC rules) So each party has a call center, with cubicles, little table, phone and chair for Honorable Senator Smith, to sit, and beg for money a third to fifty percent of his time per leadership and DCCC recommendations.

“two years leading up to an election, money-gathering efforts make up around two-thirds of a lawmaker’s schedule…in 2014 it was estimated by the sunlight foundation, they held 2800 fundraisers.” (Newsweek – “John Oliver Breaks Down the Disturbing Truth of Congressional Fundraising” By Ryan Bort On 4/4/16)

Now we know why Congress can’t pass an annual appropriations bill by October each year, any year.

The Party leaders control members through party resources besides money, for consultants, polling and other expenditures they wouldn’t be able to fund on their own. Party leaders solicit Super PAC money from Corporations, Unions, Special Interest Groups; to get who the contributor wants to Chair or be on a particular Committee. Committee’s write bills. Leaders push Super PAC legislation or delay by pressuring Committee members, and other members.

Unlimited Super-Pac contributions are just idiocy for anyone not to believe it affects legislation from start to vote. Congressional leaders are in a Stockholm Syndrome affair with Big Donors, Corporations, Unions, and other special interest. New members accept it or leave. It’s been a part of many Congressmen decision not to seek re-election.

When I speak of a corrupt congress, this is why. A lobbyist with a record of big donations is always welcome in the capital.

We have “A government of the lobbyist, by the Congress, for the money”.  Not as said by Abraham Lincoln; “Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.”

It’s already perished in the United States. Until my dollar, and your dollar is the only dollars that candidates receive, there cannot be equitable elections, and no voice shall be more important than another. That should be simple legislation. I would also limit a candidates use of their personal wealth. The ACLU doesn’t agree with this. Why? Because like all the rest they are influence peddlers.




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Featured Image by Matthias Weinberger The Hostage Situation


Nancy Pelosi, Minority leader of the House, has tremendous influence. Is she up for the task? Are there warning signs? Should Nancy Pelosi be removed?

Below are some opinions of these issues. Very short video’s. They do not express my opinion, and I do not necessarily agree or disagree with the following post, and other media. However she is currently calling for President Trumps Impeachment. Let’s examine the fish.






This a longer than the other video’s, but a member of her own party says it’s time for her to go.





One thing that really bothers me about congress is the amount of influence big money and big media money have on them. Their contributions depend largely on who gets to be on which committee or leadership position. Sure big money donates where their money will help them the most.

¹”While fundraising prowess isn’t the only qualifier for members of Congress seeking to climb the ranks of party leadership or nab a key committee seat, it’s among the most important.”

¹Scrambling for Donations

This should be investigated by a special prosecutor or the FBI. There is to much room for corruption. I’d be totally surprised if there was none.

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