Teens And Gun Control

Teenagers are being exploited by various liberal, Globalist, and political entities to wave in front of new gun control legislation.


Teenagers are being exploited by various liberal, Globalist, and political entities to wave in front of new gun control legislation. These teens, especially those involved in schools where shooting violence occurred, have a strong emotional appeal. Gun control advocates always capitalize on an emotional appeal.

The decision on Gun Control must be made based on facts, carefully weighed judgment, and our Constitution and law. Violence in our nation and in our schools is much more complex than the availability of assault weapons. One spokesperson said; “These young people are well informed..”.  They are also very malleable, idealistic, and less open to opposing views. They are less likely to stand against their peers.

Violence must be dealt with, in our streets, our schools, and our national policy.


The following is information on the development of the teenager’s mind. As you will see, that until the full cognitive development is reached in the early to mid-twenties, decision making and judgment are still developing. They are justifiably emotionally upset and have a strong stake in gun control. But they aren’t ready to legislate laws for our democracy.


Neuroscience has shown that a young person’s cognitive development continues into this later stage and that their emotional maturity, self-image and judgement will be affected until the prefrontal cortex of the brain has fully developed. (


Late adolescence. During late adolescence, complex thinking processes are used to focus on less self-centered concepts as well as personal decision-making, including the following:   (Stanford Children’s Health)

  • The late adolescent has increased thoughts about more global concepts such as justice, history, politics, and patriotism.
  • The late adolescent often develops idealistic views on specific topics or concerns.
  • The late adolescent may debate and develop intolerance of opposing views.
  • The late adolescent begins to focus thinking on making career decisions.
  • The late adolescent begins to focus thinking on emerging role in adult society.


See our article “The Quantum Soldier” on our violent culture and “American Militarism.” (On our sister site PeacePossible.org)

The above articles go into some of the complexities of the causes of violence in America, including school shootings. It’s a good place to begin thinking and discussing these and other issues. This is what High School Teachers should have been leading during the weekend of student protest; open-minded discussions on the causes of violence.

For political lobbying and donations see: “Congress’ Stockholm Syndrome.”

It’s not just the NRA. Our congress cannot serve our democracy, until real campaign finance reform free’s our congress from outside money and the mandated dues. Under much pressure from congressional leaders, and the enormous time and energy needed to solicit and raise their 6 or 7 figure goals, places our congressmen under considerable influence from corporate, union, and organizational donors.

Featured Image: TheCockAndCarrot This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic License.

by James Kirk-Wiggins, March 26, 2018
(CC-BY-AY 4.0)

Writer; One Free Press

Author: Jim Kirk-Wiggins

I am a retired warrior of 24 years. The new battle front for me is the corruption, loss of vision, and mission in government. Congress, intelligence agencies, FBI, FCC, and FTC. The Supreme court often fails to see the forest for the trees. The forest is true democracy, equally protected, equally represenred. Not based on wealth, power or influence, but on the individual. Rulings based on one fact or one principle are but webs of distraction, and open doors for tyranny. Through blogs, twitter, Google communities I expose, investigate, and attack the enemies of democracy, with the power of the CPU not the sword. Free Press is now a consolidated, one voice, liberal, globalistic, political propaganda tool. Until real campaign finance reform removes wealth as a force in elections, legislation, and national policy we will be a functioning oligarchy, with smoke and mirrors democracy. The media will then become free, and America’s experimental democracy may evolve. I am a voice in the media wilderness, awaken from your slumber, drop your chains, secure freedom for yourself and future generations. By James Kirk-Wiggins. March 2018 Creative Commons Licensed - BY.

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