Bolton IS in?

Our democracy is but an illusion, we slumber in our leisure, ignorance, and lack of a leader with a vision for a Shinning City on a Hill.

OMG, Bolton?

Well we know Bolton is all talk, lets just hope Trump doesn’t listen. well, hell, we know he doesn’t, and if by chance he does he fires  you.

Not to worry though. Trump probably saw the same Ted Talk I did. All major nations have very sophisticated wargamming software. Russia and China probably hacked our War College and got ours. Or Hillary sent it in an e-mail to Chelsea, Diane, whatever. I think I saw it in a WikiLeaks release. But I digress.

This software predicts what a nations likely response would be if a nation took a certain action. Consider, Obama’s reactions. If China did “A” then Obama’s reaction would be “S”. If China chose action “B” then Obama’s move would be “S”. If China did “Z”, Obama would counter with “S”. China chose the letter “S” in their software to mean “Not Shit.”

In updating their software for Trump (by the way two Russian Software engineers had nervous breakdows in reprogramming. They had to call for Microsoft help, since Hillary is no longer online.

The results on every scenario they input was; If Russia took action “A”, Trump’s probability reaction was “A”, “B”, “C”, D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M…1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0,@,$,_,(,),:,;,’,”……..

His unpredictability was categorized: “Does not fit logical tables.” By adding Bolton the software had to add the Cyrillic alphabet to list all responses. So while the press and pundits could never figure out what his next move was, we now can see it as a brilliant strategy. Or as my dad said; “I’d rather be lucky than good.”

by James Kirk-Wiggins, The Ides of March

No copyright, do what you will.

Sorry, I got a tooth ache, and I’m pretty sure MKULTRA put an inplant in my tooth when I was in the Military. Last night I think WordPress no-help line used my trigger word. “Sorry, I cant find it. :)” No Really. If my tooth ache hadn’t induced sleep deprivation from throbbing pain, I may have said something different than, is that it? Are you my only hope. Have a nice evening.

(My lost article was completed. I was just loading a final image. And it was gone. My best work, it could have started a social revolution, reviving democracy, ending the Oligarchy of 15 Billionaires who rule congress, the media, prices, the economy; therefore rule America.

Our democracy is but an illusion, we slumber in our leisure, ignorance, and lack of a leader with a vision for a Shinning City on a Hill. Our future appears to be going as so many dystopian author’s portray the future.  I’m not anti-American, nor a socialist. I’m a dreamer and love America. I’m fear we were once a hope, a contagious ideal, government for the people and by the people. The torch on Lady Liberty dims, as this beacon of hope fades, a shadow of tyranny will drift across nations without resistance.

Jim Kirk-Wiggins, March 22, 2018

(CC-BY-AY 4.0) img_2714



Author: Jim Kirk-Wiggins

I am a retired warrior of 24 years. The new battle front for me is the corruption, loss of vision, and mission in government. Congress, intelligence agencies, FBI, FCC, and FTC. The Supreme court often fails to see the forest for the trees. The forest is true democracy, equally protected, equally represenred. Not based on wealth, power or influence, but on the individual. Rulings based on one fact or one principle are but webs of distraction, and open doors for tyranny. Through blogs, twitter, Google communities I expose, investigate, and attack the enemies of democracy, with the power of the CPU not the sword. Free Press is now a consolidated, one voice, liberal, globalistic, political propaganda tool. Until real campaign finance reform removes wealth as a force in elections, legislation, and national policy we will be a functioning oligarchy, with smoke and mirrors democracy. The media will then become free, and America’s experimental democracy may evolve. I am a voice in the media wilderness, awaken from your slumber, drop your chains, secure freedom for yourself and future generations. By James Kirk-Wiggins. March 2018 Creative Commons Licensed - BY.

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