With the Sinclair buyout, 70% of all local news is owned by one corporation.


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Why is President Trump calling mainline media, the 90% corporate media, fake news, on the one hand, and paving the way for more consolidation on the other hand? With the Sinclair buyout, 70% of all local news is owned by one corporation. His FCC chairman is right about media growth being down, that’s what happens when monopolies are in control. Competition drops, they can’t compete against the FIVE media giants. We must have diversity in a multitude of news media sources or the Corporate Media Oligopoly will dominate not only the media but American culture.

Just like the 1996 Telecommunications Act was sold as a lie, so is this recent FCC power play.

Jim Kirk-Wiggins – February 20, 2018


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Author: Jim Kirk-Wiggins

I am a retired warrior of 24 years. The new battle front for me is the corruption, loss of vision, and mission in government. Congress, intelligence agencies, FBI, FCC, and FTC. The Supreme court often fails to see the forest for the trees. The forest is true democracy, equally protected, equally represenred. Not based on wealth, power or influence, but on the individual. Rulings based on one fact or one principle are but webs of distraction, and open doors for tyranny. Through blogs, twitter, Google communities I expose, investigate, and attack the enemies of democracy, with the power of the CPU not the sword. Free Press is now a consolidated, one voice, liberal, globalistic, political propaganda tool. Until real campaign finance reform removes wealth as a force in elections, legislation, and national policy we will be a functioning oligarchy, with smoke and mirrors democracy. The media will then become free, and America’s experimental democracy may evolve. I am a voice in the media wilderness, awaken from your slumber, drop your chains, secure freedom for yourself and future generations. By James Kirk-Wiggins. March 2018 Creative Commons Licensed - BY.

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