The Gods and Goddesses of American culture enthrall us through their mystery. Once they come upon us and speak of the mundane, then they lose that mystery, and are no longer Gods and Goddesses.

The roofer who repairs my roof is valued for this skill. However, if he stands upon my roof and shouts his personal beliefs, then I would lose respect for his skill, and not appreciate him using my roof as a personal platform for expression.

Mystery is a shimmering magical spell. It inspires and grasp lovers in its embrace. It places the beautiful, talented, and the inspiring, high in the sky, beyond our human embrace. When actors, players, presidents or queens approach us with dialog as a neighbor the mystery fades. The spell is broken. Familiarity DOES breed contempt.

Gods, Goddesses and Queens learn on the knee of their creators; “When to keep their mouth shut.” So is the lesson of our times.

James Kirk-Wiggins (c) Sept. 2017


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