Nancy Pelosi, Minority leader of the House, has tremendous influence. Is she up for the task? Are there warning signs? Should Nancy Pelosi be removed?

Below are some opinions of these issues. Very short video’s. They do not express my opinion, and I do not necessarily agree or disagree with the following post, and other media. However she is currently calling for President Trumps Impeachment. Let’s examine the fish.






This a longer than the other video’s, but a member of her own party says it’s time for her to go.





One thing that really bothers me about congress is the amount of influence big money and big media money have on them. Their contributions depend largely on who gets to be on which committee or leadership position. Sure big money donates where their money will help them the most.

¹”While fundraising prowess isn’t the only qualifier for members of Congress seeking to climb the ranks of party leadership or nab a key committee seat, it’s among the most important.”

¹Scrambling for Donations

This should be investigated by a special prosecutor or the FBI. There is to much room for corruption. I’d be totally surprised if there was none.

Jim Kirk-Wiggins     (c) Aug 2017

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¹Olsen-Phillips, P. (2017). The committee scramble: Who has been paying their dues?. [Accessed 18 Aug. 2017].